Date & time 20th October 2018 from 14:00 - 01:00

Location Eventcentre Aquabest, Ekkersweijer 7, 5681RZ Best                      


Vanaf het centraal station van eindhoven rijdt er tot 16:00 uur een bus naar het festivalterrein. De pendelbustickets zijn niet verbonden aan bepaalde tijden, kom dus wanneer je wilt! let wel op, want vol=vol.

ben je uitgefeest? vanaf 23:15 uur staan de bussen weer voor je klaar om je veilig terug te brengen naar eindhoven centraal station.

kijk voor tijden en tickets van de pendeldienst op de website van

Minimum age 18+ (valid ID card or drivers license required).

Lockers There are lockers available at the location.

Parking There are enough parking spaces available at Eventcentre Aquabest.

Questions about your ticket(s)? If you got any questions about the purchase of your ST8MENT ticket, please contact our official ticketprovider Eventbrite via

Earplugs We advise you to use earplugs to make sure you enjoy your beloved hearing as long as possible.

Selfiesticks Due to the safety of you and other visitors, it is prohibited to bring a selfiestick with you.

Professional photo equipment Want to capture your ST8MENT experience on camera? No problem! Small pocket cameras without changeable lens are allowed. Of course we encourage the sharing of the images on social media with the hashtag #st8ment. Professional photo/video equipment aren't allowed. Press related requests can be done via

Coins ST8MENT uses different and unique coins every edition. We do this to prevent any replications or fraud to be made in the time between two ST8MENT editions. The coins are available inside the location and are not exchangeable after the event.

Leaving the location It isn't possible to re-enter the event after you've left the location. In special or unexpected (emergency) situations, our security staff may make an exception.

Visitors with (physical) limitations ST8MENT is easily accessible for disabled people.

Medication If your bound to take medication during ST8MENT, please bring a doctor's prescription or your medical passport. Based on your prescription or medical passport our security staff will determine if your medication is allowed. If necessary, medication can be stored and cooled at the First Aid (EHBO). When the quantity of medication exceeds the prescription of your doctor, the medication can be taken from you by our security staff.

Smoking It is only allowed to smoke on the designated areas. Inside Eventcentre Aquabest it is not allowed to smoke. You may bring an e-cigarette, but it is prohibited to bring a refill for e-cigarettes.

Allergies, vegetarian and vegan food There will be different kind of food available for visitors with gluten allergy or who are vegetarian / vegan at ST8MENT. The fries are baked in vegetable oil and there are sufficient vegetarian, vegan and gluten free salads available.

Lost & found
Lost an item at ST8MENT? Please send an email to

Celebrate Safe ST8MENT 2018 is going to be your moment! Enjou the music and drinks, but please take good care of yourself and your friends. When you don't feel good, inform your friends or our first aid. Visit the website of Celebrate Safe for more info and tips.